the first dating app            themed board game

Coming December 3!

the ultimate party game for any game group

2-10 Players

basic, intermediate, & advanced modes

10-30 mins.

hidden roles & secret objectives

how to play


Dating Pool is a Push Your Luck Card Game where you play as a user of the dating app everyone's been talking about:


Dating Pool!

Get a user card

Each User Card has (1) a Number that affects Player Order and Scoring and (2) Reputation Power  that can be used once per Round to give you additional benefits.  

The game includes a complete set of both male and female User Cards and Profile Cards, so you can use any cards you like!



Players get a hidden Personality Card that gives them Secret Objectives and Interests.


These will stay hidden until the end of the round.

Players can also include Bonus Cards to add new ways to score points.

start the round

Players begin drawing from the Dating Pool Deck.

When a Profile Card is revealed, all unmatched Users decide to match or pass.  The highest ranked User who chooses to match matches with that Profile Card.

breakup cards

These cards force players to break up with their match if their matched Profile Card is too many ranks above their User Card.

round end

The Round ends when a

"No Matches Nearby" Card is drawn, if certain conditions are met.

At the end of each Round, you get points based on your match and any additional points from your Personality Card, including shared interests.


The higher the match, the higher the points!

But the higher your User rank, the more points you'll have to subtract.

You get negative points if you don't match at all!

game end

After multiple rounds, the first player to 50 WINS THE GAME!


about us

Dating Pool is being independently designed and published by Bill and Harry, two board game geeks who met in law school, where there was a weekly board game day every Saturday with the fine group pictured here. 


Bill began designing Dating Pool in March 2018 and added Harry to the team in February 2019.  Paola Tuazon has provided the beautiful artwork for this project.

Paola Tuazon


Bill Barlow

Game Designer

Harry Rudo

Game Designer



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Thoughts? Questions?

...Random musings about your dating life (or lack thereof)?

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